5 Amazing Applications of Artificial Intelligence Today

by Logan And Atkins Team 07/14/2019

Technology has tremendously revolutionized the way people do things in this present time and age. It has spread through a broad spectrum of activities, making life so much better and more comfortable than what it was a few decades ago. From communication, businesses, transportation, education, marketing, to construction and a hundred things in between. Thanks to innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), people can now achieve so much with little or no efforts.

Ten or twenty years past, you might have been laughed at if you said you had a car that drives itself. People will probably think you are delusional. Fast forward to today, there are more automated things than just cars. And it keeps getting better. Although the present AI isn't the quintessential definition of AI, it is the groundwork for more significant innovation in the pipeline. In this article, you get to learn of some of the ways AI is applied in the world today.

  • Automated Cars. Automated cars are taking over the scene. With the help of an AI called Tesla, people now own vehicles with self-driving features. These cars are designed to function correctly without a driver. Tesla's predictive capabilities are top notch.What's more? It is built to absorb knowledge from time to time. Consequently, it is safe to conclude that it only gets better. Envision a future where cars ply the road seamlessly with no one behind the steering. That is very much possible!
  • Enhancing the Oil and Gas Industry. The Bakken formation has been in the United States from time immemorial, but technology made drilling possible only a few years ago. Thanks to technology. Now, AI systems are being employed to reduce the energy and cost of drilling, refining oil, and transporting oil and its products.
  • Restructuring Online Markets. Amazon, for example, is a massive marketplace that caters to the need of just about anyone out there. Communicating with millions of customers, researching on products buyers need, when and where demand is highest, where things need fixing, etc. is such a formidable task to take on by a team. Fortunately, Amazon's transactional AI helps to alleviate this task by solving the relevant math and helping the team make informed decisions.
  • Bolstering Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a top priority in every country and organization. Although lots of efforts in technology improved in past years, the AI system is, unarguably, the best measure so far. With an AI system, organizations can now analyze their network packets to fish out abnormal traffic from the traffic stream. Seeing anomalies makes it virtually impossible for hackers or cybercriminals to find their way into such organizations.
  • Daily Routines. Thanks to Siri, you can now get by with your daily routines without stress. Siri is, undoubtedly, one of the widely used AI out there. Siri helps people get information at their fingertips, schedule appointment, find location, send messages, and a whole lot more. Siri has to be the best personal assistant ever! 

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. They help make life easier and better every day. Join the train now, instead of fighting it or doubting it.